BEAR DETERRENT (10.2 oz ) with Holster
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COUNTER ASSAULT Meets or exceeds all Biologists Recommendations!

Why is a Minimum of 25 Feet Important?

  • Bears can charge at speeds up to 30+ mph.  They need sufficient time to change from a contact charge to a bluff charge.
  • If a bear is going to charge more than once, it creates a barrier zone for the bear to have to reenter.
  • CROSS Wind may reduce the distance. If a can is capable of spraying 25 feet, it may be reduced to 15 or 18 feet, but a can that only sprays 18 feet may be reduced to 8 or 9 feet of coverage.

There are many types of ways that bears confront people.  The three most common encounter scenarios where the suggested 25 foot spray range will be most beneficial are:


  1. A sudden close encounter and defensive charge from 15-25 feet.
  2. A full defensive charge from more than 50 feet away.
  3. A gradual continuous approach (curious, predatory or defensive to determine what and who you are).

Why is a Minimum Spray Time of 6 Seconds Important?


  • If there is more than one bear, such as mother bear with mature cubs, each one may be charging from different directions.
  • More than one bear at a fresh kill site.
  • Wind, rain and cold weather.
  • More than one charge from a bear.
  • More than one encounter. Reserve for hiking out.



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